Parle-moi d’Ebola / Tell Me About Ebola

An awareness campaign to fight Ebola in Guinea, in collaboration with Théo Miller, Pauline Romani & Julie Sistenich, for an order by the NGO RAES.

In Guinea, fear is omnipresent, owing to a lack of informations. Moreover, the contagious nature of the disease leads to an abandonment of solidarity.

To inform people and renew the social cohesion, we created a virtual place for the community, where people can share accounts and informations about the disease.

This place would be a radio programme, called “Parle-moi d’Ebola” (Tell Me About Ebola). It would be broadcasted every day at the same time by all the URTELGUI (union of the free radios of Guinea)’s channels.
Each episode would deal with a specific angle of the epidemic.
It would be divided into 4 parts : a synoptic definition of Ebola, some accounts, an interview of a guest who would answer listeners’s text questions and, at least, a conclusion that focuses on the prevention techniques which have been mentioned during the episode.

Mock-up of the programme’s jingle

This programme would be helped by a 3-functions wandering caravan. The caravan would do, first, the programme’s advertising, using ad posters, then some preventive actions, thanks to the prevention-teaching posters and finally gather accounts for the next episodes of the radio programme.

affiches ebola

The serie of ad posters, and a prevention-teaching poster.

Besides, a toll-free number would allow people to reach informations about Ebola, 7d/7 and 24h/24, in every language.

At least, a website would allow journalists and teachers to find again all the programme’s episodes available in podcasts and all the prevention-teaching posters as downloadable forms.
A forum would also invite Internet users to respond to the programme’s episodes or to post some accounts.


Strategy concept : Estelle Chauvard, Théo Miller, Pauline Romani, Julie Sistenich
Copywriting / radio programme’s screenplay / sound design : Estelle Chauvard
Web design / type design / lettering : Théo Miller
Art direction / photo direction / ad posters : Pauline Romani
Art direction / prevention-teaching posters & icons / web design : Julie Sistenich
Photos : Michèle Garrec
Models : Mimi, Willy, Marlène & Arthur
With the voices of Mimi & Willy.

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